nini (cat_aka_nini) wrote,

weird dream

i dreamt that sis and i got two doggies, like mike's new puppies, burmese mountain dogs, i names mine amber and she named hers darkie. 

and they were allowed in all the rooms but mine stayed with me mostly in my room and hers in her room with ray a lot. 

then mike finally came to see me after a really long time and he was trying to talk to me, and some other guy came up to me, holding a gift box. the other guy who had long reddish brown hair, cut right in front of mike and faced me,  gaving me a kiss and hug and handed me a ring box. i opened it and it was empty. i didn't understand and he said i was wearing the ring he wanted to marry me with so the box is empty, but.. since he cannot propose without giving me something,... and handed me the box. i opened it and it was a new pair of docs. he proposed to me with docs!!  

hehe weird dreams but deff cool. i want a puppy and any man who knows me enough toknow my special relationship with docs i would deff marry.
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