nini (cat_aka_nini) wrote,

peepin tom

so AGAIN! i have a prowler

i hear something jamming the outside vent of my AC

i look nothing is there. i hear someone at my window, i go and look and i see a spanish guy, shaved head in a mens tank top and jens running off hiding his head. 

i go back on comp and i hear him again and i see him at m window.. i am about to go outside and he is still there, i see his face and i grab the phone and make it obvious i am calling the police, they transfer my call to god knows where and i hang up. i go back online with mike. 

i hear cars out front and i see someoen run past my window. i am freaked, i go outside i see two cars pulled over and no one in them. i get back with 911 and am freaking out. 

the two cars ARE the cops. they got my addy and sent them. when i go outside i have 4 cars, two unmarked to regualr, and like 9 cops over a prowler. 

LOL!! i am never callign the cops again. and i am going to bed. and i wish i was very very drunk right now. and i need a huge big hug very badly
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