nini (cat_aka_nini) wrote,


world of warcraft pwns my arse!!!

omg... i can see a big long day ahead of me tomorrow

ppl never gonna see me online again
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Damn :(
but i still <3 u
oh god. *yells at WoW gods* GIMME MY NINI BACK.

you'll never be the same.
nope, already WoW is invading my dreams. had one last night with lady sylvanis in it
I never see you online ne ways. and most of the time your away ne ways...
well that's jut cause ur on at the wrong times :-P
but im on ALL the time though. WTF...
i'm on now :-P
I kinda want to talk to you but your away. I want to run something buy you. If/when your offline im me k?
lol and the addiction begins!! hehehe
yep. WoW and rechargable batts... mikey who? lol
:-P <3<3
i'm serious. i can make my own coffee now. ur becoming obselete
this weekend.

friends or wow.

fuk mang....

rofl damn that good huh?
u have no idea. seriously, u r replaced.
it really is! I was a good girl though. i didnt play WoW until they left on Sunday.