nini (cat_aka_nini) wrote,

edith's bday

yes i finally update about that weekend

so i took the kid's to mike's house for my oldest daughter's bday. she turned 11 and she asked to go to wall stadium raceway. it's a local racecar circuit and she went before and loved it. she had a balst. she got to meet some of the drivers, sit in a racecar, and got lots of pics next to some of ther other cars. our fav driver gave lil kali a cupcake!

but best of all when we were going in they told me to hold onto the children's ticket they were giving out a bike calling out the ticket numbers. and guess what? EDITH WON!! she won a brand new next tirara purple mountain bike. she never had a bike that wasn't garbage picked one speed pedal brakes and fixed up. she loves to ride, grew ut of her old bike, and purple is her fav color. it was perfect! in additon to that, she had an awesome TWO cake evening with a charm bracelet and water bottle of tony stewart, her fav nascar driver. pics to folow once i make them brighter
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