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    Tuesday, July 25th, 2006
    1:22 pm
    so i killed my first sim, my hubby sim actually. i did the death by flies and was laughing hysterically but...

    when the grim reaper came u can plead for loved one, so there my sim is, cutting deals with the grim reaper and he plays a game guess which hand which i have never seen work. i mean, who can best the grim reaper?

    well i did, DAMMIT !! i was trying to kill him for two sim days and i finally do it and i win him back. 

    i killed him again and this time no begging. no urn either, i just threw the ashes in the garbage.
    Friday, July 21st, 2006
    2:12 am
    WTF??? too much nature in my city
    i saw a skunk! and i was walking... i was like what is that, an overgrown ferret on steriods? cuz it was huge but moved kinda loppy like a ferret and then i about 15 feet from it and even with my poor eyesite i see a tiny head with a white patch and lil white streak going down it's back..

    OH MY LORD!!! i walked briskly but not run sideways behind a van into the shadows and plan on walking a whole 3 blocks outa my way to get home praying just don't skunk me, please... 

    i got lucky, he went into someone's back yard. i continued my walk home thanking my lucky stars and on my very block i almost step on this ginormous bug! it was over an inch long, an inch wide, big balck shiney and juicey. weird claw like legs not on his head but in his front. one of the creepiest bugs i ever saw. some sort of hunter killer man eating beetle. eww!! 

    *pouts*  i am a city girl! give me roaches, rats, mice, hell all those i have handled at one time or antoehr in my bare hands ( i was gross kid and had weird pets, leave me alone) crabs caught in the local sewage runoff with three heads! this i can deal with. but real wilderness creatures? get em outta my city before i rent a 2000$ apt with half a bathroom and two rooms total on the 23rd floor in some mega city complex in manhattan.
    Sunday, July 16th, 2006
    8:13 pm
    omg owwww
    ok so my sis and i took all 4 kids to the cheesequake lake today for kali's bday. we brought cupcakes and sang to her, quickly tho cuz candle kept going out. it was awesome. 

    1- i still cannot swim tho i did manage to tread water for about 2 minutes before i started to sink. 
    2- my kids still cannot swim. both kali and andrew sank like a stone when brought out to deep end. tho kali shows most promise. edith had swimming lessons at school and only reached intermediate. 
    3- NO ONE TRIED TO DROWN ME!! hehe personal first for me. usually ppl get a kick out of towing me to the deep end and watching me panic. 

    and WTF was i thinking? i put lots and lots of sunblock on the kids, and they got nice and dark, but since i already had a decent tan from mike's house i thought i wouldn't burn.

    i was wrong. dead wrong. big time wrong :(

    I HURT!!! i look like a lobster and i am covered in aloe vera. but i had an awesome time just chillin in the water loving it. no matter how much i hurt now, it was well worth it. pics to come!
    Friday, July 14th, 2006
    9:41 pm
    i added peanut butter and chocolate to my coffee today.. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  yum 

    like a reese's peanut butter cup in a cup of joe.  heavenly.
    Thursday, July 13th, 2006
    11:59 pm
    week at mike's
    ok.. first off, had a great time. i went there to have fun spend $$ and enjoy myself and i did just that. 

    it did rain a lot but it was ok. went to the mall with him mom and my girls, bought a ton of shit. spent like 300$ on disney store clothes and department store bras and clothes. 

    then awesome fireworks and yummy food at thier friend's yard. and i swear, i am never going back.. ANOTHER CHICADA BUG FLEW INTO MY HEAD!!! fortunately i had the scense to braid my hair this time. thank god. 

    then we heard the bullshit about jersey closing down, fuckers. but it didn't poil my week with mikey and his family. we went to englishtown flea market tho the raceway park had some ghetto need for speed shit goping on and that is not our style so we left. 

    we went to monmouth racetrack, horses races. kids had fun playing in the shower thingy and the playground. i had the best lemonaide i ever drank. YUM! 

    we also went to homdel park and the kids had a blast. played in the sandbox area, and build a sand-amusement park with some friends they made. they played for hours there. mike and his bro walked like 7 miles or something and did this fitness trail hiking thing. then we took a walk around a lake there, saw some fishes and i heard a bullfrog. those things are loud! the kids saw a bunny and kali loved it. 

    mike's mom and i got our hair's dyed and cut. i like it tho i think i would like it redder. his mom loves it tho. or at least she said she does. i also got good red shampoo and conditioner which works beautifully. 

    we went to wall speedway and i got to see my first racetrack. WOOHOOO!!! kids had a blast and loved it. two cars hit the wall right by us, a bunch of spin outs but some good clean racing which ruled. and some not so good clean racing which gave us all something to bitch about. edith wants to go for her bday and i'm prolly gonna take her

    a night in red bank with mikey bar hoppin and just walking around, a night trip to the marina, bbq's, yard stuff, water sprinklers in a grass yard, kids beating each other and liking it, and me taking a walk in the woods. fun tiems lemme tell ya. cept for the multitude of times i was buggy i had a great time. not taking a walk back in the wood ever again. lol

    pics to come. muwahs!
    Thursday, June 29th, 2006
    3:14 am
    old friends
    i love seeing old friends unexpectedly. 

    :-D   <3 totally made my night. 
    Wednesday, June 28th, 2006
    1:27 am
    cordi cordi cordi!!
    i am feeling a bit better, and i drew up ur dress. not for any other reason other than to have like blueprints for it. and um... i think it'll be cute!! hehe  i want to make something like it for soneone in my house, maybe one of the kids or my sis so i can see how far down the zipper has to be in the back, what kind of straps to support the weigth of wemen with generous fun-bags... ect.  i am planning on putting a back zipper unless u have any objections. just it would make it kidna tight around ur boob area which is what u wanted. i figured since u didn't want it till novemeber that would be a good idea.  lemme know if u have any objections. also, i am going away soon and i cannot get to the fabric store till the second or thrid week of july or so. so i will talk to u before i go and we can touch base on what textures and colors ect u would like. 

    muwahs babygirl!! <3<3
    Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
    11:52 pm
    sucks when u think more about someone then they think about u

    i guess i jus take things too personally. :`( 
    Monday, June 26th, 2006
    1:55 pm
    i hate being sick. i hate this stupid cough and stuffy nose that will not go away. and i hate puffs plus. the lotion in it always make me break out all over my nose 


    stupid cold.
    Saturday, June 24th, 2006
    12:58 am
    omg dearm come true
    guy guys...


    check it out, u know u want to.. PLZ!!!

    Thursday, June 22nd, 2006
    11:44 pm

    i loved my carmera, it made me so happy, i took pics randomly just to cheer me up, of my friends, of my kids, of my offee for schrists sake. then it was stolen. i cried when it was gone and missed it so much. cuz i truely liked it and never buy myself anything. i mean the pics of the kids i took on special days, regualr days, hell just gooffing arounf the house. and i got another one, just like the old one, same everything.

    Wednesday, June 21st, 2006
    3:58 pm
    CARS appreciation post. pixar rules!!

    boogity boogity boogity

    and a sidenote i always wondered about since i am a nascar fan.. we all know that racecars have no headlights. so why bother with the decals?
    Tuesday, June 6th, 2006
    9:55 pm
    i was supposed to meet dan on broad st. and it's like a 1 to a million chance that we would miss each other but sure enough, we did. :(

    i did however see my ex fukkin 4 times, two ppl from the projects, two ppl who thought it was appropriate to blow a kiss at me and yell, and some girl who thought i was "protitutin'" glorious.

    i did also see my mom and we spent the day on broad street, half looking for dan and the other half shoppin. all the kids got new shoes, new socks, edith got a purse and andrew a watch. and i got two new pairs of panties!! YAY! it was nice having a day with mommy. we haven't gone shoppin together in ages and we always used to. and i missed it.

    all in all even tho it was half bad, the day was half good.

    oh RANT!!! i paid 5 fukkin dollar for a cup of coffee at dunkin doughnuts. and not ever like 4.67 or 4.89, no... 4.97!!! OUTRAGEOUS! every other dunkin doughnuts i have ever been to in my life has been less than half that. WTF? did i walk into a warp zone where i got D&D quality and their sparkly service for starbucks prices? geeze. *fumes*
    Saturday, May 13th, 2006
    2:07 am
    guess what i made!!!
    i have made a CORSET! yep, from simple skirts to complex ones and now i have a made a corset.

    i love it, i adore it, i want to wear it all day.

    mike is gonna flip when he sees it tomorrow night
    Tuesday, May 9th, 2006
    12:13 pm
    sparky in danger!
    the fish tank is making funny noises, i thought it was the water pump for the basement, it started last night. it's a weird air sound, like something is getting caught in the fish tank but there is nothing there, only sparky. :(

    unless it's a floating peice of grime.

    in other news, the elastic came for the red skirt (YAY)
    the chain came for erica's blue shirt (double YAY)
    and the sound card came for me comp (YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!)

    time to get a sewing, once i get back from kali's school, a meeting with the child study team to evaluate her for special ed. wish me luck!
    Monday, May 8th, 2006
    3:23 am
    this bears repeating...

    *rubs up against the memory*
    Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006
    1:49 am
    today i am officially self-employed.

    someone is PAYING for my clothes.

    granted it is guinea pig model intro price cuz i am trying to learn but still..


    Current Mood: jubilant
    Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006
    12:48 am
    i made the skirt to erica's shirt, and.. it looks better on me so i inherited it.

    i'mma make her another one, just a lil bigger. i have no ass, so it looks better on me.
    Monday, May 1st, 2006
    12:03 am
    making clothes
    i made edith a skir, to play in only cuz i didn't work too hard on it. i just wanted to see if i could. no measureing, no pins, and it proved that i can move onto skirts now.

    which is good cuz i finished my sister's short and it looks CUTE! pink and purple and fishnet and hearts. and i'mma make her a skirt to match.

    and i cannot wait till i get black material cuz ther is a hot skirt i'mma make for myself. for those of u coming to the show on the 19th, u shall see my handiwork if i get it done in time.
    Friday, April 28th, 2006
    8:20 pm
    my muse becons
    i made mikey a card for no reason other than to say hi. i'mma mail it out maybe monday or something. i drew a pic of towelle on the front and all these pot leaves and bongs on the inside. hehe <3

    i also made a fishnet and velvet shirt. YUM!

    i wonder what else i should create

    Current Mood: creative
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