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the writings of a dunce

18 February
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best way to know me is to know what i do and what i am

weekends:: i'm usually at tequila joe's, QXT's, starland, or a bar somewhere, beating ppl up, getting beat up, getting drunk, making out with someone, guy or girl or both at the same time, dancing, moshing, in the pit or damned close to it is where i love to be.

weekdays/hobbies:: spending time with my angels, doin homework with them, playing with them, drawing, reading, sewing, wicca, writing, or doing yoga,

evil me:: i'm bisexual and loving it. i'm into bondage (i'mma switch), exhibitionism, orgies, porn, anythign kinky that makes average sex look boring makes my eyebrows raise. i'll try almost anything once and everything i have tried i like.

good me:: when i think of something good, i'll let u know.